All-Inclusive Summer Getaway at Club & Hotel Letoonia in Fethiye

Simply stated; Heaven on Earth!

Summer 2016 was around the corner. I was about to receive my Master’s Degree and wanted to reward myself with a decent getaway.


Our kids, 7 and 4 years old at the time, were eager to have a different kind of summer activity. My hubby, a swimming coach himself, wanted a seaside vacation to relax and have fun with the family.

letoonia fethiye nakhal hammoks relax rest laleventure
When in Letoonia, Hammocks are your Best Friends

Long story short, we could all benefit from a week at “Club and Hotel Letoonia” in Fethiye, that natural peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

letoonia nakhal fethiye beach nature laleventure
Exceptional Natural Beauty

All it took us was a visit to a travel agent‘s office to book the whole trip. Flights, transfers, and accommodation on ultra all-inclusive (UAI) basis.

On August 4, we arrived at Dalaman Airport by a direct flight. The Travel agent’s representatives welcomed us at the airport and accompanied us until we received our rooms in the resort.

After about an hour in an air-conditioned bus, we reached “Club and Hotel Letoonia” at lunchtime. We were directly invited to have our first meal in the restaurant nearest to the Hotel’s entrance.

letoonia fethiye resort nakhal getaway keys laleventur
Keys to our Room

After fueling up on the open buffet, it was time to attend a general orientation meeting where bungalows, pools, beaches, restaurants, and other facilities were pointed on the Resort’s map.

Rooms in “Club and Hotel Letoonia” are of 2 categories: Bungalow rooms and Hotel rooms.

leroonia fethiye bungalow nakhal resrt nature laleventure
2 Floor Bungalows

Our choice was Bungalow rooms, and they were super comfy, with beautiful decoration, and in my opinion a better choice in that natural space.

letoonia bungalow room nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure
Bright Colors that add to the Beauty of the Room

The double room was spacious with an extra sofa bed. The bathroom was wide and clean, with quality toiletries.

letoonia bungalow room nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the resort, which allowed us to create a full program of what to be done in the following days.

How we spent our days at the Peninsula:

Our days would start usually by an energizing breakfast at one of the restaurants available. Lykia was our favorite as it served the widest selection and had a central location.

The day would continue by a swim in the sea. There was a number of private beaches in the resort. The most crowded was the sandy beach, while the pebble beach was less popular.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure kayak sea activity water

As hijabis, my sister and I had no problem swimming in our Burkinis. It was allowed in both the pools and the sea. We preferred the sea though cause it provided us with more privacy.

We enjoyed every moment. Kids built sand castles, slid down the 3 available slides, swam to the big blue floater in the middle of the sea, and even had competitions with other kids in the pool.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure kids activity water
Kids Activities Near the Pool

Every day at the pool, kids’ activities were organized. Kids from different nationalities would gather to spend fun times under the supervision of an adult trainer. Kids could also play in their special pool with water fountains and slides.

There was also a Kids Club that we did not have the chance to try. Children could be left there for a certain amount of time during the day to be entertained, while parents could have some rest at the chaise longue near the beach.

Snack stations were available near pools and beaches. We had some gozleme (a Turkish pastry filled with cheese, meat or spinach), dondurma (Ice cream) and cold juices to refresh in the hot summer sun.

After a quick noon rest in our rooms, we would go again to one of the restaurants to have our open buffet lunch. Food ranged from Turkish to International cuisine, with live cooking stations too.

In the afternoon we had good times doing all the free activities in the resort. We tried windsurfing, pedal boat driving, and kayak as water activities. We also practiced some archery.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure wind surfing sea activity water
Wind Surfing
letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure kayak sea activity water
Pedal Boats
letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure archery

Some activities were for an extra charge.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure sea activity water
Activities with Extra Payment

We did parasailing where every 2 people flew together.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure sea activity water parasailing

My 7 years old kid was allowed to fly with his aunty.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure sea activity water parasailing

We had another crazy ride where we sat on a big floating board and were pulled by a motorboat. I don’t really remember the name of the ride now, but the hilarious sound of our laughs will forever be a memory.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure sea activity water
Crazy Ride.. Can you hear our Screams and Laughs?

At dinner time, again our destination would be one of the restaurants. I liked the one by the sea at that time of the day. It felt cozy and romantic.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure open buffet restaurant
Romantic Restaurant for Dinner in Letoonia

Note that although all the food served was Halal, the resort was not an alcohol-free place.

Later it was time for the daily night show. Shows were very interesting and entertaining. We clapped, waved and some people even danced. In my opinion, 2 shows are not so family and kids friendly. One can choose not to attend those.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure daily night show
The Stage for Daily Night Show

Downtown Fethiye

Although there was absolutely no need to leave the resort, being in Fethiye, we had to go check the downtown.

We used the shuttle boat with prescheduled trips from the resort to the town’s shore.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure sea activity water shuttle boat
Shuttle Boat Timings

The town is small. Not so much to do. We had a walk, ate some corn, and the kids played in a tiny park.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure city center
Having some Corn in Fethiye

Major Turkish brands are available in shopping streets, but we were not willing to do much of a shopping spree.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure Umbrella Street fethiye
Umbrella Street in Fethiye

One interesting thing we did on the last day after our check out from the hotel, was watching a Cartoon film in Turkish at the cinema. It felt unusual especially when they stopped the film half way for a break!

Things I personally enjoyed doing in Letoonia Club and Hotel

• Morning walk at 6 am. The resort was all mine. I had a full tour around the shores and saw only 2 other runners.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure run walk
Scene during my Morning Run

• Photo session early in the morning. Yes, it was a crazy act, but much worth it.

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure Photo Shoot
Early Morning Photo Shoot

• Taking exceptional natural photos throughout the day.

• Spa with Turkish bath was a great experience. (Extra charge)

letoonia nakhal fethiye turkey laleventure Spa turkish bath

Tips and advice

• Choose bungalows

• Use sunscreen excessively

• Carry some sand and water toys with you for the kids.

• Try to avoid swimming at noon as the sun is very strong.

• When visiting the city center expect very hot weather as the buildings are short and there is little shade.

• Rooms are equipped with coffee/tea facilities.

And here it is; my review of “Club and Hotel Letoonia”.

It was really an unforgettable vacation. Very suitable for families with kids who love water.

One more advice: if you are planning your trip soon, start dieting from now, as you will definitely gain many kilos there.

Istanbul and Fethiye

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