Where Relaxation meets Luxury; Papillon Zeugma Relaxury Belek

N.B. This Hotel Review was written by Rayyan Mikdash (Rayyana Sweet Treet) after her personal experience there, and Edited by Lale Venture.

It is the summer season again! I had to make up my mind and choose our family’s getaway for this year. Antalya was the destination, cause I wanted to visit the waterpark called Land of Legends, large and entertaining for the whole family. I also wanted our hotel to be in Belek area.

Weeks of searching for the best hotel. Modern rooms with direct access to the pool, great food, and kids activities. Papillon Zeugma Relaxury hotel was really the best match. Lots of positive feedback and online recommendations made me book a private villa there.

We were a party of 4 adults and 2 kids, and we stayed in this resort for 5 days, 4 nights.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review
Hotel Overview

We had a very early flight and reached the hotel at 7 a.m. As in all hotels, check-in was meant to be at 2pm, but we talked them into accommodating us a bit earlier. We were very tired, and the thought of waiting for about 5 hours in the lobby was awful. My little daughter was exhausted, she slept on the lobby’s couch.

All of a sudden, and to our surprise, an employee came across and told us that there is a special room for travelers like us.

WAIT WHAT??? I was shocked! We had been to lots of resorts all over the years but never heard of such a room. We followed him, and when we saw it we were amazed. It was not just a room, it was a TRAVELERS DREAM.

Very huge space on the ground floor with direct access to the pool. Lots of bed couches to sleep on, sitting areas with TVs, showers, toilet, lockers, a bar with coffee machines and fridges full of drinks. This room was open to any person who arrived early before check-in or is traveling late after check-out.

The kids immediately put on their swimming suits and started swimming, while we lay down and got some rest and the other family members went for breakfast.

At noon we checked-in into our amazing room. Very wide, with a modern design. The direct access pool was a bit small, but after all, it was just a matter of chance, since other pools were larger.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review swimming pool
Semi-private Direct Access Swimming Pool

Food choices are very important in vacations. We, as Lebanese have a great taste for food, and really get bothered if the food that we are going to eat for 5 days is not up to our expectations.

The breakfast was like any continental breakfast. Lots of varieties to choose from.

The lunch was amazing. It had lots of Turkish food varieties, and I really love Turkish food.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review food dessert buffet
Desserts Open Buffet

Dinner was the best part. Oh My God, what a dinner. It had all that I wanted to taste in my trip.

One night they held a “Turkish Night” themed dinner, serving all Turkish food with Turkish flags everywhere and people singing Turkish songs.

The first two days my kids enjoyed their swimming time with us all day. On the third day, I decided to take my 6 years old daughter to the Kids Club in the resort. When I entered I was extremely shocked. It was like as if I am in another place.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review kids club drawing activity
Kids Club Drawing Activity

There was a room for babies, a room for toddlers, a Lego room, an art room, a PlayStation room, a play area…

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review kids club lego room
Lego Room

But the most important part was that there is a daily program for kids to join and have full day activities from 10 am to 7 pm. Each hour they would do a different activity. Activities range from going out to the garden, water games in the pool, hunt games, and kids yoga. My daughter decided to continue her vacation with them.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review kids club outdoor activity
Kids Club Outdoor Activity

Even my 10 years old decided to go and try that club since they have activities for all age groups. They held different competitions ranging from water games, football, darts…they even handled the winner team medals and certificates.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review kids club medals and certificates
Kids Club Medals and Certificates

After a day full of relaxation, activities, and great food, comes the time for entertainment. Each night at 8:30, a special show is conducted. It starts with half an hour of kids’ dancing, where all the kids dance with the kids club employees on stage.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review kids dance
Kids Waiting to Dance

Then its time for the professional show, ranging from a street dance show, a comedy show, Turkish dance show, circus show.. After which there will be another party in the garden; THESE PEOPLE JUST DON’T SLEEP.

laleventure papillon zeugma relaxury hotel review night entetainment
Night Entertainment

I can’t stop talking about this Resort. I wanted a nice resort where I can relax after a year of hard work, and a place for my kids and parents to enjoy and I got what I wanted. It was the first time that I travel with kids and come back home relaxed and not tired. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone with kids, parents or even a couple. It is not cheap nor expensive; it’s worth every penny.

Be Interactive!

I would like to thank Rayyan for this valuable review and would like to invite you, my dear readers, to share with me your experiences all over Turkey. I would love to host you all on my blog.

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